Kleinhans Bouers Stilbaai

Kleinhans Bouers

Kleinhans Bouers Stilbaai

Kleinhans Bouers / Builders Stilbaai

Building contractors for the building of new houses, as well as any alteration or restoration of existing building structures. These builders also do quality cladding and stonework and work in the Still Bay as well as Jongensfontein areas. Furthermore they do paintwork as well as house maintenance.

Kleinhans Bouers / Builders will build your house from laying the foundation, laying the bricks, plastering, as well as painting. They will see to the plumbing and electrical wiring as well as the flooring, roofing and the guttering. Also the woodwork in the kitchen, bathroom as well as bedrooms where you need built-in cupboards.

They will also attend to the exterior work such as paving, fencing as well as installing water tanks should you want that. In addition they will take care of maintenance work should your house need painting, or should you need any alterations done, they will gladly assist. They specialise in building with stones and will add some neat stonework to your house if you request that.

This building company offers quality building coupled with reasonable pricing.

Sarel Kleinhans NHBRC Builders – is of course registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council. Their mandate is to ensure that builders comply with the prescribed industry standards, thus protecting the interests of the client.

Bouers in Stilbaai

Kleinhans Bouers is boukontrakteurs en bou nuwe huise. So ook doen hulle aanbouings en verbeterings aan bestaande huise. Hulle werk sluit kwaliteit bedekking van mure (cladding) en ook klipbouwerk in. Verder doen hulle ook onderhoud op huise en geboue soos verfverk van mure, dakke en heinings, plaveisel en enige ander bouverwante werk wat benodig word.

Hulle werk in die Stilbaai-omgewing en so ook die Jongensfontein-omgewing. Sarel Kleinhans is ‘n NHBRC-geregistreerde bouer.


Sarel Kleinhans

Cell: 076 271 9524