Medi Dal Apteek

Medi-Dal Pharmacy

Medi Dal Apteek

Medi-Dal Pharmacy / Apteek

Chemists in Riversdale for all your medicine supplies, prescriptions, pills, skincare products, baby nappies as well as cosmetics, 32GI products and ID photos.

Medi-Dal Pharmacy is, in essence, a retail health organisation that offers pharmaceutical services to the community of Riversdale. They are experts in medicine and will use their expertise as well as their practical knowledge to advise you on common problems such as colds, aches and pains, as well as eating healthy and stopping smoking.

Their pharmacists are highly trained health professionals who will check and dispense your doctor’s prescriptions as well as advise you on how to take the medicines as well as their common side effects. They will also take old drugs back so they can dispose of them correctly.

At the Medi-Dal Pharmacy you can also find first aid kits,health supplements, as well as toiletries and cosmetics. Also shampoo, skincare products and baby nappies and other baby accessories. In addition you can have your ID photo taken or buy 32GI products.

In Riversdale in the Hessequa area in the Western Cape, in fact, along the Garden Route.

Medi-Dal Apteek

Kry al jou medisyne, pille, doktersvoorskrifte, vitaminetablette, ID foto’s, babadoeke, velsorgprodukte,32 GI-produkte, asook professionele gesondheidsinligting by Medi-Dal Apteek in Riversdal, Wes-Kaap.

Hulle hoogsopgeleide aptekers sal jou voorsien van al jou mediese behoeftes en jou ook van raad bedien.


C/O Dickson and Barry str



GPS coordinates
34.0904100, 21.2597500.

Riaan Deneys en Sias Snyman

Tel: 028 713 2652

Fax: 028 713 2654

Emergency: 028 713 2756

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Business Hours:

Mondays to Fridays: 08h30 to 17h30

Saturdays:08h30 to 12h30 and 17h30 to 18h30

Sundays and Public Holidays: 11h00 to 12h00 and 17h30 to 18h30