Antonette Fick Fisioterapeut / Physiotherapist

Antonette Fick (Fisioterapeut, Physiotherapist)

Antonette Fick Fisioterapeut / Physiotherapist

Antonette Fick (Fisioterapeut, Physiotherapist)

Antonette Fick Fisioterapeut / Physiotherapist Stilbaai

Antonette Fick is a Physiotherapist in Hessequa in the Still Bay-Jongensfontein area. Bekende Fisioterapeut in Stilbaai en omgewing in die Suid-Kaap.

Physiotherapist, Antonette Fick is well-known in Still Bay for the professional psychotherapeutic service that she renders to her clients. She specialises in treating conditions such as back pain, arthritis, sprains and strains as well as posture problems and rehabilitation following surgery. Antonette will help you to regain maximum movement and physical ability after loss due to illness, injury or ageing.

If you are a new patient, she will take your health history and physically check your problem in order to develop a treatment plan. Some of the treatments she might use are massage to ease soft tissue pain, or she might mobilise or manipulate joints. Antonette might give you exercises to strengthen weak areas, apply cold to reduce inflammation as well as heat to increase circulation. Furthermore she might use ultrasound therapy to ease muscle spasms or electrical stimulation to help muscles contract that cannot properly do so on their own.

Visit Physiotherapist Antonette Fick for help with your back, wrist, sport or muscle injuries as well as bursitis, incontinence, and neck and breathing problems.

Fisioterapeut in Stilbaai- en Jongensfonteinomgewing

Fisioterapeut, Antonette Fick, is welbekend in Stilbaai vir haar professionele fisioterapeutiese dienste. Sy spesialiseer in die behandeling van rugpyn, artritis, verstuitings en verrekkings van spiere. So ook liggaamshoudingsprobleme en rehabilitasie na operasies. Sy sal jou help om maksimum beweging te herwin na siekte, beserings of as gevolg van ouderdom

Besoek Antonette vir hulp met beserings van jou rug, nek, gewrigte of spiere asook sportbeserings. So ook met probleme met inkontinensie, asemhaling en slymbeursontsteking. Behandeling kan insluit massering, manipulasie van gewrigte, oefeninge, koue en warmkompressies, asook ultraklankterapie of elektriese stimulasie van spiere.


Antonette Fick Fisioterapeut / Physiotherapist

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Antonette Fick

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