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MJ Cronje Boukontrakteur

MJ Building Contractors

MJ Cronje Boukontrakteur Stilbaai 

Building contractor in Still Bay for new houses, restorations, tiling and painting. Bouers in Stilbaai van nuwe huise, aanbouings, verfwerk en teëlwerk. Their services of course include all the typical work associated with any building construction such as painting, tiling, cladding and paving. Also building fireplaces, carports, wooden decks, as well as wooden stairs with handrails. Builders for cladding and stone work.

MJ Cronje Builders – Still Bay Builders

This family business started off in 1973 as Stilbaai Bouers. When young Carl joined them in 2010, the name changed to MJ Cronje Boukontrakteur. Hence these builders are born and bred in Still Bay and know the region and community inside out. One can see their houses all over Jongensfontein and Still Bay.

MJ Cronje Building Contractor specialises in building your dream home, whether it is a new house from scratch, or renovations to an existing home. They build new constructions and also do renovations according to your specifications and needs. And will always help a client find the best practical as well as economical way to fulfill his dream.

Furthermore they are registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) which regulates the home building industry.

MJ Cronje Building Contractor prides in the quality of its work, its honesty, integrity as well as efficiency. They tackle every project with knowledge, experience as well as dedication and complete it with pride.

MJ Bouers – Stilbaai Bouers

MJ Cronje Boukontrakteur of bouers is al van 1973 af aan die gang en is gebore en getoë Stilbaaiers. Hulle huise staan oral in Jongensfontien en Stilbaai.

Hierdie bouers bou nuwe huise, huisaanbouings of herstelwerk aan bestaande huise, volgens jou spesifikasies en behoeftes. Hulle dienste sluit alle bouverwante werk in soos verfwerk, teëlwerk, bekleding (cladding) met hout en plaveiwerk. So ook bou hulle kaggels, afdakke, houtdekke en trappe met enige houtrelings. Die bou van  klip-braaiplekke, klipmure of enige klipbouwerk.

MJ Cronje Boukontrakteur streef na kwaliteit werk, eerlikheid, integriteit en effektiwiteit. Hulle takel enige werk, groot en klein, met ewe veel vaardigheid, ondervinding en toewyding en handel dit af met trots.


Thys Cronje
Cell: 082 447 7934
E mail: thys@stilbaaibouers.co.za
Carl Cronje
Cell: 072 545 0746
E mail: carl@stilbaaibouers.co.za