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RC Hobbies & Photography

RC Hobbies & Photography

RC Hobbies & Photography (Model Aircraft, Remote Control, Gifts)

For all remote control hobbyists, video and Still Photography

Motivated beginners soon pursue the quest for model building skills. With their minds filled with visions of their aircraft sailing far and away overhead. In the early learning phases, most “students” are helped through structured mentoring. Done of course by experienced modellers as part of an educational program. With good construction methods and flight adjustment techniques reasonably mastered, involvement in organised free flight competitions becomes the usual next step. Once the “competition bug” gains firm hold, the process of building, flying and competing in contests becomes a way of life.

Long-time devotees to model aviation will confirm that free flight presents unlimited constructive challenges for youths as well as adults.

Participants acquire and apply a knowledge base of model building materials, tools, construction methods as well as engineering concepts.  In the process they also learn to incorporate good aerodynamic principles in their aircraft.

In return, the sport of free flight offers many personal rewards including lessons well learned, knowledge and judgement gained, lasting friendships made, and opportunities taken to compete with model aircraft that fly free of earthly bonds.

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