Hashtag Electrode (PTY) Ltd

Hashtag Electrode PTY/Ltd


Hastag Electrode (PTY) Ltd

Hashtag Electrode PTY/Ltd

Electrical Contractors offering electrical installation, maintenance and repair services in Riversdale, Stilbaai and environs. Jacques Visagie and his team of electricians have experience in all types of electrical installations in houses, offices, shops, covering all aspects of electrical work. They take on small jobs such as installing an extra socket or light to doing the complete electrical wiring to new buildings.


Hashtag Electrode Contractors

Stationed in Riversdale, but also working in Still Bay and environs, Jacques and his team will do the electrical wiring for new buildings as well as for additions to existing buildings. They will also do the maintenance thereof. Furthermore they will install all electrical appliances required in the house or building such as geysers and stoves.

Being qualified electricians, they can also provide prospective sellers with an electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC). This compulsory certificate of course certifies that the electrical wiring of the property complies to all aspects of safety that the law prescribes.

Hashtag Electrode Electricians

These electricians specialise in electrical fault finding when the power keeps on tripping out as well as repairing any faults. They will also install and repair faulty electrical boards. Contact them if you need to replace or add an electrical plug or a faulty switch. In fact, any lighting and power problems are their speciality.

Their services include all electrical work, including reparation and maintenance of electrical household appliances and electrical equipment such as stoves, geysers and ovens.

Hashtag Electrode – Elektrisiëns en Elektriese Kontrakteurs

Hastag ElectrodeJacques en sy span doen alle elektriese werk soos die bedrading van geboue en huise, die onderhoud en ook die herstel daarvan. Hulle installeer en herstel ook elektriese toebehore soos stowe en geysers. So ook doen hulle elektriese foutopsporing en herstel ook elektriese kragborde. Skakel hulle vir enige groot of klein elektriese werk wat jy gedoen wil hê.

Hulle is gekwalifiseerde elektrisiëns en kan ook voornemende kopers voorsien van ‘n COC-sertifikaat. Hulle is in Riversdal maar werk ook in Stilbaai en omgewing.


Jacques Visagie

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