Riversdale Animal Clinic / Dierekliniek

Riversdale Animal Clinic / Dierekliniek

Riversdale Animal Clinic / Riversdal Dierekliniek

Riversdal Dierekliniek

Riversdale Animal Clinic / Riversdal Dierekliniek

Here at Riversdal Dierekliniek we are honoured to be Christ’s ambassadors by taking care of creation in using our veterinary services to do just that.

Our services are offered to a wide range of animals. All domestic pets, production animals, farm animals, exotic birds and reptiles are welcome to. Wild Game and horses are also treated by us.

We travel the distance to accommodate your need. Any person in the Hessequa area, including Ladismith, Swellendam, Lainsburg, Heidelberg, Witsand, Gouritsmond, Stilbaai, Jongensfontein, Albertinia and Herbetsdale are welcome to give us a call.

Our Vet is on call 24h, 7 days a week.

Riversdal Dierekliniek / Animal Clinic

Ons is dankbaar om as Jesus Christus se ambassadeurs op te tree en Sy skepping te versorg deur ‘n veeartsenykundige diens te kan lewer om daardie doel te bereik.

Ons dienste word gelewer aan ‘n groot verskeidenheid diere. Onder meer word hierby ingesluit alle troeteldiere, wild, groot diere, produksie diere, vee, plaasdiere asook voëls.

Ons veearts is 24h per dag beskikbaar op nood, 7 dae per week.


Monday-Friday: 08h00-17h00
Saturday: 09h00-11h00

DJ Malherbe Building (Tuinroete Agric Perseel)

Ladismith Road

Tel: 028 7131123
Fax: 028 7131124
After Hours (24 H Emergency service):

Cell: 079 264 1329

Email us here