Stilbaai Dierekliniek / Animal Clinic

Stilbaai Dierekliniek

Stilbaai Dierekliniek / Animal Clinic

Stilbaai Dierekliniek

Stilbaai Dierekliniek / Animal Clinic

Veterinarian or vet services in Still Bay for quality medical care for your pet animal. Veearts of veeartsenydienste in Stilbaai vir kwaliteit mediese sorg vir jou troeteldier.

When you visit the Stilbaai Animal Clinic, you will meet Sir Thompson, the clinic’s own faithful, woolly dignitary. Regally occupying its space on the counter from where everything happening is closely monitored with its one good eye…

The Provision Group opened Still Bay Animal Clinic in Still Bay and aims to deliver a service based on quality and thoroughness. These professional vets will go the extra mile for their clients ranging from their beloved pets to larger animals such as equine and production animals. The Provision Group manages animal clinics across the Southern Cape with the aim to develop high quality veterinary clinics in the region.

They offer comprehensive veterinarian services to a wide range of animals such as spaying and castration. Also vaccinations, treating bite wounds as well as skin conditions, fractures and cleaning cat and dog ears and teeth and will extract a bad tooth. When necessary, X-rays will be taken to examine problems such as hip dysplasia or fractures. Currently the pet will be transferred to Riversdale for more serious procedures, treatments and surgery. They will also perform euthanasia on your animal with the utmost respect, sympathy and understanding of the distress of the animal as well as the owner. Of course they can arrange that the body be cremated and the ash delivered to you.

Stilbaai Dierekliniek / Animal Clinic products and accessories

At the Clinic they sell quality pet food such as Royal Canin for dogs and cats. Also Hill’s Science Plan for cats and dogs and Eukanuba for cats and dogs.Other important brands, Vets Choice, Revolution, Omega, Nextgard and Bravecto. In addition they carry all kinds of pet accessories such as bowls, grooming equipment, bedding and collars, harnesses and leads. Also toys for pets, scratchers, chews, treats and biscuits as well as de-worming medicine and tick and flea collars and tablets.

They encourage pet owners in Still Bay to have a micro chip with the owner’s details implanted in each of their animals. That will ease the problem of reuniting lost animals with their owners.

Sound Advice from Stilbaai Dierekliniek / Animal Clinic

Take good care of your pet and keep its health costs down:

– Keep them clean
– Keep them hydrated
– Stimulate them mentally
– Keep them away from poisonous plants
– Give them the right food

The staff at the Clinic are always extremely helpful, understanding, accommodating and friendly.

Stilbaai Dierekliniek

Hulle bied omvattende veeartsenydiense vir ‘n wye reeks diere (nie net troeteldiere nie) soos kastrasie en sterilisasie. So ook inentings, behandeling van wonde, velaandoenings en frakture sowel as die skoonmaak van ore en tande en die trek van ‘n slegte tand. Vir ernstige prosedures, behandelings en operasies sal die dier huidiglik na Riversdal geneem word waar die fasiliteite beter geskik is. Hulle doen wel genadedood met die uiterste begrip, simpatie en respek vir die nood van die dier asook die eienaar. Natuurlik kan hulle ook reël dat die liggaam veras word en die as aan jou verskaf word. Hierdie diens word deur Doves waargeneem.

Verder verkoop hulle sekere kwaliteit kosse soos Royal Canin, Hill’s Science Plan en Eukanuba. Ook Vets Choice, Omega, Bravecto, Nexgard en Revolution. Hulle hou ook veskeie noodsaaklikhede vir verskillende troeteldiere aan soos speelgoed, halsbande en harnasse met leibande. So ook kan hulle ontwurmingspille, vlooihalsbande en bosluishalsbande of vlooipille asook sjampoo en krapblokke voorsien.

Bring ook jou dier na hulle vir ‘n mikroskyfinplanting sodat dit makliker sal wees om jou dier op te spoor as dit per ongeluk weggeraak het.

Die personeel by die Dierekliniek is altyd geweldig behulpsaam, begrypend, tegemoetkomend en vriendelik.


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Dr Douglas Taylor


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