Hessequa Routes, Arts & Crafts

Showcasing the artists in The Explorers Garden Route. From the coastal towns of Stilbaai, Jongensfontein, Witsand and Gouritsmond. As well as the towns next to the Langeberg mountains range, Heidelberg, Riversdale and Albertinia.

Hessequa Art Route - Hessequa Kunsroete

Hessequa Art Route

Artists, art lovers, art collectors, art dealers, along with tourists who want to experience true South African spirit, art and culture, make sure you follow the Hessequa Art Route. There is so much creativity and talent in the region, you are bound to find something you want to take home!
Ananse Naturals Still Bay
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Anansé Naturals

Handmade soaps along with other bath and body products manufactured from natural ingredients. In fact, Anansé Naturals uses only plant-based oils and butters for their artisan soaps, scrubs, salts and creams. Still Bay is a friendly coastal town in the Hessequa region in the Western Cape Garden Route.
Paddavlei Kunsgoete
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Paddavlei Kunsgoete – Studio & Art Classes

Offers Art Classes, an Art Gallery, an Art and Crafts Shop, Picture Framing and  Gifts. The brightly decorated Paddavlei Kunsgoete – Studio & Gallery is in fact housed in what was once the town’s bio-scope.
Stilbaai Fine Art Focus
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Stilbaai Fine Art Focus

A group of talented artists in Still Bay each with his/her own art form as well as style. Stilbaai Fine Art Focus is a kind of platform or organisation called into existence by a group of artists. The purpose of this group is to share their love for art, their individual knowledge as well as skills and art techniques.
Veda Voysey

Veda Voysey – Bookworm

I have never considered myself to be an artist, but rather someone who gets joy out of expressing myself in pencil, water colour and sometimes oils. Water colour has that perfect flow, translucence and unpredictably I need. You never know what it's going to do so its always a surprise. To me it's about the colours and shapes and I mostly ignore the rules of perspective and all those other boring do's and don'ts in the art manuals.

Villa Rides Arts

Laetitia Loots Strydom is not your average, everyday artist. She specialises in doing the unusual and running wild with it. Her original art includes steel art, ornamental home and garden décor, wall features, sculptures, cement art, and much more. She has been doing this since 1998. Laetitia is based in Still Bay, but also has a workshop in Klerksdorp in the North West Province of South Africa. Still Bay is a growing coastal village in the Western Cape Province along the well-known Garden Route.
Lettie Steyn
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Lettie Steyn

Lettie Steyn Artist and Photographer in Jongensfontein, the quaint little seaside village 10km from Stilbaai along the Garden Route in the Western Cape. She is inspired by the beauty of nature as well as old buildings, ruins and weathered…
Helen Oosthuizen Artist Stilbaai

Helen Oosthuizen Artist

Helen Oosthuizen Artist / Helen Oosthuizen Kunstenaar Stilbaai Duinebessie Street 1StrandloperkruinStilbaai6674 Tel: 028 754 3686Cell: 082 789 8090 
Louis Hiemstra GR&KK Arts & Crafts

Louis Hiemstra

  Louis Hiemstra is a well established South African artist; painter, cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator of books.His work is well represented in local galleries, corporate buildings and in homes in South Africa, as…
Piet Groenewald GR&KK Arts Crafts

Piet Groenewald

Piet Groenewald Artist Impressionist well known for his oil painting Landscapes and drawing of Historical Buildings, Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour Art.Piet Groewald Kunstenaar 'n Impressionis bekend vir olieverf Landskappe en Historiese…
Chris Benadie GR&KK Arts & Crafts

Chris Benadie

Chris Benadie - Kunstenaar op Stilbaai / Artist from Still Bay I consider myself a ‘self-taught’ artist.Essentially, it means I have had no formal training in art/painting. I’ve learnt has been through self-guided learning, using…
Kassie van Noordwyk GR&KK Arts & Crafts

Kassie (Marianna) van Noordwyk

Kassie (Marianna) van Noordwyk, née Kasselman hails from the Western Cape. She is an artist / painter as well as a teacher of art in all mediums which she has been doing for the past 22 years.Previously she was living in Pretoria…
Kunsklasse/Art Classes Ria Holliday GR&KK Arts & Crafts

Ria Holliday

Ria Holliday "Painting is not about observation. Painting is about sensual engagement and visual conversation that is moving, changing, developing. And in that conversation lies the delight and the magic - our growth."  This is the…
Marina Stadler Arts & Crafts GR&KK

Marina Stadler

MARINA STADLER Artist in Still Bay / Kunstenaar in Stilbaai "I do not see myself as one person, as I am so many ‘beings’. I could have been a hippy, or a glamorous movie star or whatever, but I chose to be a mom, a daughter, a career…