Bodywave EMS Training in Stilbaai and Mossel Bay
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Bodywave EMS Training – Mossel Bay & Stilbaai

Revolutionary timesaving 21st century strength and fitness training assisted by a full-time personal fitness instructor. Join Bodywave EMS Training for better brain function, balance and concentration as well as a strong, toned body. That coveted six-pack is within your reach through state of the art Bodywave Electrical Muscular Stimulation technology.
Glassmen Glass & Aluminium in Stilbaai
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Glassmen Glass & Aluminium in Stilbaai, Riversdale and Throughout Hessequa

A Glass and Aluminium business manufacturing and installing aluminium doors, windows, balustrades and hand railings, frameless showers, etc. Glassmen Glass & Aluminium also repairs, replaces and maintains glass and aluminium installations. They have been in the industry for more than 25 years and know their stuff around glass and aluminium.
Mike Metcalf Geometrics
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Mike Medcalf Geomatics – Land Surveyor in the Garden Route

Qualified, registered and also highly experienced professional land surveyor in Little Brak near Mossel Bay. Offering to perform cadastral surveys, topographical surveys, as well as setting out surveys in the Western Cape Garden Route region.
Triplex Solutions - Sub Metering in Still Bay
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TriPlex Solutions – Sub Metering in Still Bay

Need to continuously measure and manage individual renters' use of water and/or electricity? Sub metering by TriPlex Solutions is definitely your answer. The sub meter measures the use in the sub metered area separately, thus allowing the owner to accurately charge individual tenants for their own consumption.
Total Property Maintenance and Solar Stilbaai
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Total Property Maintenance – Stilbaai

Business doing comprehensive maintenance on all real property. Their services include jobs like painting, installation of solar inverter systems, electrical work and steelwork, as well as tiling and paving. Also carpentry, high pressure washing of roofs and paved areas, fencing and small building projects, etc.
Eden Tuindienste Stilbaai
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Eden Tuindienste – Garden Maintenance Service in Stilbaai

Need reliable people to maintain your garden? Eden Tuindienste offers to mow the lawn, fell unwanted trees, as well as cut/prune and trim hedges and trees. Also to remove garden refuse and cut branches, collect and dispose of dead leaves, clean paved areas along with gutters, move large wooden garden structures such as jungle gyms, etc.
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Still Painting – Professional Painters in Stilbaai

The experienced and reliable team of dedicated painters at Still Painting are waiting to pamper your house with a stunning facelift. Duncan and his team specialise in washing and painting houses, roofs as well as driveways. When they are done, your house will have all its original beauty back, so, if you think of selling, talk to Still Painting now.
JAW Paving Stilbaai
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JAW Paving – Stilbaai

As its name states, JAW Paving specialises in laying pavement. Need your driveway paved, or the courtyard, around the fire pit or the outdoor braai place? Or maybe the parking area around your new business or at a new housing complex? Koos and his experienced and skilled team are always ready to help.
Simply Wireless Stilbaai logo- Garden Route and Klein Karoo
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Simply Wireless – Stilbaai

Internet access services providers in Hessequa providing reliable and robust Internet in the form of Wi-Fi, Fibre and LTE. Simply Wireless takes care of the final step in making the Internet available to you, the end user, according to your chosen package.
Gous Plumbers - Loodgieters
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Gous Plumbers/Loodgieters

Qualified plumber with more than 3 decades of experience in the plumbing business. Gous Plumbers/Loodgieters mainly focuses on plumbing maintenance jobs such as geyser problems and water leaks. He also supplies, installs and maintains pumps and pressure pumps to increase water pressure.
StillMovin - Passenger Shuttle Service in Stilbaai
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StillMovin – Passenger Shuttle Service in Stilbaai

Fast and affordable taxi and shuttle service provider in Still Bay and surrounding areas. The professional drivers of StillMovin are always available and will arrive at your place at the appointed time. Their slogan, namely 'Moving our Community', neatly sums up their activities.
Langeberg Solar - Riversdale
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Langeberg Solar – Riversdale

Want to go solar to avoid inconvenient power cuts that affect your lifestyle, work productivity as well as business activities? Langeberg Solar in Riversdale is your answer if you live anywhere in the Hessequa region in the Western Cape Garden Route.
Randall Mini Earthworks- Randall Mini Grondverskuiwing
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Randall Mini Earthworks

We provide quality earthworks, earthmoving and excavation services at an affordable price in Stilbaai, Riversdale and throughout the Hessequa region. Contact us for the cleaning or preparation of erven, building sites or any small business excavation. We also assist in the transport of any mini loads of gravel, sand, sement or any building supplies.
Van Schalkwyk Vervoer & Konstruksie - Earthworks Company
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Van Schalkwyk Vervoer & Konstruksie – Plant Hire and Aggregate Supplier

Owners of a variety of earthmoving machinery, demolition equipment as well as trucks. Van Schalkwyk Vervoer & Konstruksie rents out their machinery, along with their operators for commercial and civil earthmoving projects. In addition they supply and deliver quality construction sand and gravel. They offer their services to customers throughout Hessequa and Kannaland.
Drain Professional in Garden Route and Klein Karoo
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Drain Professionals – Garden Route and Klein Karoo

Focused on solving drain and pipeline problems in the domestic/residential, commercial as well as industrial sectors. Call Drain Professionals to unblock clogged drains of basically any size. Be it a house drain, storm-water drain or sewerage pipe, these professionals will promptly remove your smelly problem. They are always ready to open up that blocked kitchen sink, bathtub, shower or toilet in an eco-friendly way.